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Boeing International in Miami - floor coating job complete

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It's been a busy time for floor coatings since last fall. Our professional team completed a huge job at Boeing International Headquarters in their airplane simulation rooms - a total of 36,000 square feet. The results were truly fantastic. Highly durable and easy to maintain floors for many years to come - - look at that shine! See our photo gallery for more pictures.

Our Epoxy and Urethane products could provide for you the same professional results as achieved at Boeing. Aerocoat Floor Coatings complete packages for either single car size to 2.5 car size garages include everything you need from Epoxys to roller covers and protective gloves. Or choose your own products from a wide range of product choices, including Moisture Mitigating Primers or Oil Removal Systems to odor free liquids to #1 rated high gloss finishes. Remember we offer flakes in a wide range of colors to kick it up a bit.

If you need help selecting your products or want advice on what to order to achieve the professional results you want for your project, please either call (800.670.0915) or leave an inquiry on www.aerocoatfloorcoatings.com website and we will be more than happy to assist.