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Floor Coating Imperfections and How You Can Eliminate Them


When you are working on a flooring project, you want the final result to be nearly flawless. However, if you have had experience working with industrial floor coatings you may have noticed some occasional imperfections in the coating. These imperfections can be frustrating and reduce the quality of your floor’s appearance. Aerocoat not only provides quality products, but we also do everything we can to help our customers with their projects.

When you are applying a floor coating, you may come across some imperfections in the coating application. These imperfections in your coating can make your floor look tired, worn, and less than professional. One common type of imperfection you may come across are air bubbles. Air bubbles can develop due to a number of different causes. They could be the result of anything from outgassing to direct sunlight. Another type of coating imperfection you may come across is discoloration. You may notice some white spots or discoloration on or below the surface of the coating. This is often caused by high humidity or contaminants in the substrate. These types of coating imperfections can take some time and diligence to correct. We have included a troubleshooting guide for our customers that helps them identify, remove, and prevent such imperfections in floor coatings.

At Aerocoat we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best products and service. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your next flooring project or the coatings we offer. Let us help you create a flawless floor that will last for years to come.