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Our Complete Packages Include Everything You Need to Complete Your Project


If you are about to embark on a flooring project, you need to ensure you have all of the necessary supplies to complete your project. While we offer several different floor coatings and supplies, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to sort through all of our available products to find everything you need. If you want to completely transform your bare, concrete floor into a durable, coated floor, we have convenient, complete coating packages.

Aerocoat is proud to offer customers complete coating packages that include all of the materials they will need to complete their flooring projects. Both packages include epoxy floor coatings that come in several different color options. Along with the coatings, customers will receive everything else they need to complete their coating project. Each package includes a 6 gallon plastic pail, gloves, a chip brush, as well as a roller cover. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exemplary customer service and to helping supply them with everything they need to successfully transform their concrete floors. We have simplified the process of browsing our site to find all of the right materials for your project and included them all in one comprehensive package.

Let Aerocoat help you create the garage floor you have been dreaming of! We have everything you need to create a floor that is as durable as it is easy to clean. Our coating packages include enough supplies to complete a 1 car or 2.5 car garage project. We are happy to help simplify your projects any way we can.  

Proper Surface Preparation is Key to a Successful Project

When it comes to floor coatings, it is widely agreed upon that surface preparation is the most important step for any job. Whether you are working with concrete floor coatings or any other floor coating, the quality of the preparation work will determine whether or not your project will be a successful one. [...]

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Lay Your Concrete Floor Coatings Before Winter Arrives

Winter is on its way, and for most of the country colder weather is only a few weeks away. If you've been thinking about finishing your floor using our concrete floor coatings, you'll want to place your order soon. Our coatings can stand up to the harshest winter conditions once they've been applied, but the [...]

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We Have Complete Packages So You Can Easily Apply Concrete Floor Coatings

Fall is a great time to finish the floor of your garage! The weather is cooler so you aren't baking while you work in your garage, and but it's still warm enough that you'll get terrific application results. Plus, finishing your floor now means you'll have a great space to work in all winter long! [...]

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How to Properly Prepare for Concrete Floor Coatings

The preparation of your floor is one of the most important steps in the process of applying concrete floor coatings. Proper preparation of your floor will help you achieve the best final results, giving you a floor that is as durable as it is attractive. We've put together a helpful guide for floor prep in the [...]

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Want an Amazing Looking Work Space? Pick Up a Complete Package of Our Concrete Floor Coatings

Want a great work space in your garage? You can transform almost any garage into the workshop of your dreams with a few easy changes. Organize everything. An organized shop is not only easier to work in, you'll be able to accomplish your projects much more efficiently. Make sure everything you have has a place, and [...]

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How Our Concrete Floors Coatings Might be Better Than Wood For Your Space

Considering a wood floor for your space? You may be better off going with our concrete floor coatings on your concrete floor. Wooden floors aren’t right for every space, and they cost a lot to install. They also aren’t terribly durable. While you can get a hardwood and apply a topcoat to the wood that helps [...]

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Bubbles Appearing in Your Concrete Floor Coatings? We Can Help You Troubleshoot

One of the common issues that occurs with concrete floor coatings are bubbles appearing in the coating. This is often because of air being trapped in the coating, either coming up through the concrete or from another other source. There are seven primary causes of these air bubble appearing in your floor coatings, each of [...]

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Expand Your Living Space With Our Concrete Floor Coatings

There are more multi-generational households in the United States now than there have been since the second World War. Some households came about as a result of the Great Recession, when cash-strapped families were forced to combine their living spaces in order to save. Maybe your parents lost part of their retirement funds after a [...]

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