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The Important Role of Moisture Mitigating Primers


If you've been around the construction industry for very long, you've probably heard about moisture mitigation. This has become a bigger issue in the last decade and increased the need for good moisture mitigating primers when applying a floor coating. The reason for the rise in importance of moisture mitigation comes from two reasons: speed and the movement to more eco-friendly products. 

Construction is being done faster than ever, and many projects aren't allowing concrete slabs to thoroughly dry before they move on to the next phase of construction, leaving more moisture in the mix. The concrete mix itself has a higher level of moisture as well, thanks to companies using more eco-friendly products that are water-based in their products. While that is great for the earth, it does mean you'll have to pay more attention to moisture issues before you apply a coating to your floor. 

If you neglect to apply moisture mitigating primers to your floor, you could end up voiding the manufacturer warranty and ruining your floor coating. Coatings could bubble and peel up from an excess of moisture, and you will have wasted your time and your money. Don't let that happen! We offer moisture mitigating primers that are perfect for your floor, so take a look at our inventory and find exactly what you need. We'll ship it out to you as well as your floor coating kit right away! You'll be applying your new floor coating in no time, and end up with perfect results.