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What Makes Our Epoxy Floor Coatings so Tough?


The quick drying nature of our epoxy floor coatings result in a floor that has a durable, tough coating that's resistant to moisture. It also has a great hardness that will resist scratching and scrapes, which is what makes an epoxy floor great for industrial and commercial spaces. The flooring is easy to clean, too, so it can be kept looking nice in even the toughest spaces. Plus, epoxy floor coating is a more environmentally friendly flooring option than many other flooring options on the market today, so you can feel good about your flooring choices. 

One of the other major benefits of epoxy floor coatings is the incredible life expectancy. If you avoid major abuses to your flooring, you can expect it to last for years to come. Since it is so affordable to begin with, that means the cost of your flooring will come out to pennies a year. For a tough, durable flooring solution, you'll be thrilled with the cost savings. For a business, that can be a great boost to your bottom line! 

There are plenty of epoxy floor coating options available on our website. Take a minute to browse through and find a coating that you think would be great for your space. Choose your color and finishing options and place an order with Aerocoat today. Our epoxy floor coatings are easy to apply, so even if you aren't a professional contractor you should be able to follow the instructions and end up with an amazing looking floor. Have questions about our epoxy floor coatings? Get in touch with our team today and they'll make sure you have the information that you need for a perfect looking floor!